The Resurrection of the Oldest Egypt: Being the Story of Abydos as Told by the Discoveries of Dr. Petrie (Laleham, 1904)

The book is a joint venture between Hardwicke and his son, Noel.  The latter had spent the winter of 1902 working in Egypt with the noted archaeologist, Flinders Petrie.  The first section of the book, ‘Sketches’, was authored by Noel; the second, ‘Secrets of Abydos’, by Hardwicke.

The book is one of the few books published by the Beaver Press, a business venture set up by Noel and his wife, and financed by Hardwicke and Edith.  The business was not successful and closed down after a few years.



Sketches of Life & Labour in the Excavators Camp

From Liverpool to Abydos (pp. 1-6)

A Desert Camp (pp. 7-13)

Life in the Camp (pp. 14-24)

Progress of the Work (pp. 25-31)

From a Mud Hut in the Nile Valley (pp. 32-34)

The Land of Contrasts (pp. 35-39)

Impressions (pp. 40-48)


The Secrets of Abydos

*Finding the First Dynasty Kings (pp. 51-64)

With the Pre-Dynastic Kings and the Kings of the First Three Dynasties at Abydos (pp. 65-77)

At the Flinders Petrie Exhibition, 1903 (pp. 100-107)

The Last Secrets of the Temenos at Abydos (pp. 108-124)

(* Published previously)