The Anniversary of the Death by Lightning of Mrs. Arbuthnot

Still on the Schilthorn stands the funeral-stone,
        Though six-and-thirty years have flown to-day
        Since Heaven’s fire-chariot bore the bride away
And left her lover on the mount alone;
Few pass without a deep-drawn sigh, and none
        Speak as they pass; in secret many pray;
        And when about the place fierce lightnings play,
Grief sounds within the thunder’s solemn tone.

There is small need of monumental cross,
    As long as hearts are human and tears fall
        For life cut short, beloved from lover torn;
        The whole drear scene from ’neath this snowy
To Jungfrau’s height is eloquent of loss—
    The mountain is the Bride’s memorial.

(Sonnets in Switzerland and Italy, p. 94)