All up the road that through the forest wound
        We wondered how the vale and hill would lie
        That charmed an angel message from the sky,
And bade the black-robed monks their Abbey found,
Then suddenly, where Aars’ tumultuous bound
        Leaps bellowing under Nieder-Wald, the sky
        Was closed by Harrnen, the Span-Ortten high
Sprang up, and Titlis shone with Winter crowned.

One-half the vale was shadow, one was sun,
    The cattle lowed, the plain was all a-flower,
        And happy dwellings dotted fell and field,
A great bell clanged, a mighty grange did run
    Athwart the vale, white-walled, with one great
        And, Engelberg, thy wonder was revealed.

(Sonnets in Switzerland and Italy, p. 35)