Came April, and beneath her feet the cloud
    Broke into song upon the silent hills;
    The primrose woke, and thirsty daffodils
Tossed up their golden cups, a merry crowd:
Then visibly beneath his cold grey shroud
    Helvellyn moved to hear the cuckoo-thrills
    Make echo down the valley; danced the rills,
The Greta sounded glad, Lodore was loud.

The white lambs gambolled thro’ the sunlit grass,
    With jewels of the sloe the hedge was pearled,
        And golden shone the coltsfoot in the lane;
No foot, no heart, but did the lightlier pass,
    For April tears had wrought another world
        Wherein was life and laugher after pain.

(Poems at Home and Abroad, p. 42)