In Chamounix Churchyard

If you should be awakened from your sleep,
        Here in the snow-crowned, mountain-girdled
        Such sounds should greet your ear as could not
To lull you back into a slumber deep:
The chime of waters falling from the steep,
        The bells that clang towards the milking-pail,
        Murmur of bees and song of nightingale,
Where through the copse those sister rivers sweep.

But if one voice should mingle with the sound—
    A voice you knew in college days of old—
        Crying, ‘Come back, fulfil your earthly span!’
I know your words would leap from underground,
    And say, ‘God hath His helpers manifold,
        Their hands shall finish what my heart began.’

(Sonnets in Switzerland and Italy, p. 150)