Thanks to the gallant seven hundred—the
        kings of the East,
    Rulers of nations and tribesmen in number
        as sand,
Men who have felt the high call to the greatest
    That empire and honour shall stand—

Rajput and Gurkha and Sikh and the warrior
    —Sons of the hills and the plains who have
        longed for the day
When, to seal a long pact that the rule of the
        righteous began,
    They should stand by our side in the fray;

Treasure they bring us, they bring us the spear
        and the sword,
    Yea, but they give greater gifts—they give
        union and might,
—Sworn that the nation which vows and dis-
        honours its word
    Shall reel and sink back into night.        

(The European War 1914-1915 Poems, p. 92)