Fieldside, Keswick, February 5th, 1890

Child of the brother to that generous man
      Who, vowed to Death, bequeathed his friend
    From trivial care, and gave the Muses ease,
And set laborious Wordsworth in the van—
You knew ‘Nurse Wilsey,’ coaxed old ‘Clogger Dan,’
    Climbed unreproved on Southey’s genial knees,
    Watched for the bard’s homecoming through the trees,
And, wreath in hand, to crown the Laureate ran.

Bright shone the sun, the Crosthwaite bells rang clear,
    When blue-eyed Sara and that Rydal maid,
      The gentle Dora, tended you as bride.
But now another bridal morn is here,
      Christ in the heavens has called you to His side,
    And all the vale is rolled from sun to shade.

(Valete: Tennyson and other Memorial Poems, p. 133)