Hardwicke is one of the literary judges in the Cumberland Musical Festival at Workington (2 January).

Memorial to John Wordsworth unveiled in the churchyard at Grasmere (5 February).

Hardwicke attends the annual meeting of the Society for the Protection of Birds in London. Also attends an executive committee meeting of the National Trust (24 February).

Hardwicke gives a lecture in Sunderland on ‘The Life of Bede’ (25 February).

Hardwicke is a member of the panel at a meeting in Edinburgh on ‘Garden Cities’ (29 February).

Hardwicke chairs a meeting in London to inaugurate a ‘Cumberland and Westmorland Association’. Edith is also present (22 March).

Hardwicke gives a lecture on ‘The Educational Value of Habits of Observing Nature’ at a conference in Edinburgh. On the same day, he announces to a meeting of the Scottish Arts Club that Gowbarrow Fell and Aira Force in the Lake District have been offered by their owner to the National Trust for the price of £13,580. (30 May).

The Blencathra Sanatorium for Consumptives opened (4 October).

The Bede Memorial cross is unveiled in Sunderland (11 October).

Hardwicke attends the prize giving at the Morecambe Art and Technical Instruction Committee (2 November).

Hardwicke gives a lecture on ‘Ruskin and the English Lakes’ at the Leeds Institute of Science, Art and Literature (30 November).

Flower-Time in the Oberland published.

The Resurrection of Oldest Egypt: being the Story of Abydos as told by the Discoveries of Dr Petrie published.

Sacrum Commercium: The Converse of Francis and His Sons with Holy Poverty published.

The Venerable Bede: His Life and Work. A Lecture, Delivered in the Town Hall, Sunderland published.


Visits Greece to attend the International Archaeological Society meeting (March/April).

Attends the unveiling of the Tennyson Memorial in Lincoln (15 July).

Alfred Austin, the Poet Laureate, visits Crosthwaite Vicarage (24 August).

Edward Rawnsley, Hardwicke’s uncle, dies (4 October).

Travels to Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool to raise funds for the purchase of Gowbarrow Fells (October).

Elected Proctor of Convocation for the Archdeaconry of Westmorland (November).

Letter to The Times to say that the National Trust has raised the necessary funds to purchase Gowbarrow Fell (19 December).

Sayings of Jesus and a Lost Gospel Fragment: Being a Series of Village Sermons on Three Papyrus Fragments published.


Hardwicke is a judge at the Cumberland Musical Festival (1-2 January).

Attends the annual meeting in Carlisle of the Cumberland branch of the National Association for the Prevention of Consumption (24 March).

Edith and Hardwicke both address the annual meeting and prize giving of the Recreative Evening Classes Committee in Manchester (6 April).

Hardwicke writes angry letters to the national newspapers calling attention to the vandalism and destruction being done by Manchester Waterworks Committee on Shoulthwaite Moss (April).

Attends annual meeting of the National Trust in London (25 June).

Attends the opening of a new art gallery in Keswick (14 July).

Attends the annual meeting of Westmorland Musical Festival Committee in Kendal (21 July).

Official opening of Gowbarrow Fells and Aira Force as National Trust land (9 August).

Edith and Hardwicke attend the Church Congress held in Barrow. Edith designed the banner for the Congress (1-5 October).

Hardwicke writes a letter to The Times urging subscribers to come forward to buy Holman Hunt’s “The Lady of Shalott” for the nation (October).

Hardwicke is an adjudicator at the eighth Barrow Musical Festival (14-15 November).

Hardwicke gives a paper at the ‘Experiences of Co-Education’ Conference in Manchester (21 November).

Months at the Lakes published.

A Sonnet Chronicle 1900-1906 published.


Private Member’s Bill laid before Parliament for the incorporation of the National Trust (January).

Hardwicke and Edith purchase Dunnabeck, a small cottage with fields and an outlook over Rydal Water.

Hardwicke attends York Convocation (February).

At the half-yearly meeting of shareholders in the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway Hardwicke complains about the filthy state of third-class carriages (23 February).

Hardwicke preaches at Temple Church, London (7April).

Holman Hunt’s painting, ‘The Ship’, is offered to the National Gallery by Hardwicke on behalf of a committee who raised the necessary fund for its purchase (April).

Hardwicke returns from Switzerland to be present at the opening ceremony of St. George’s Co-Educational School, Harpenden (21 June).

The Act incorporating the National Trust as a statutory body is given Royal Assent (August).

Letter published in The Times (Engineering Supplement) on the new technique of grouting which Hardwicke is promoting as a way of repairing bridges rather than having them taken down (18 September).

Hardwicke attends a conference in London which gives rise to the creation of the Secondary Schools Association (22 October).

The ‘Congo Atrocities’ is the subject of Hardwicke’s sermon at Westminster Abbey (17 November).

Attends the annual meeting of the National Trust, the first since it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament (29 November).

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