Poems at Home and Abroad (Glasgow, 1909)

One reviewer wrote of this collection of poems:

Canon Rawnsley has the faculty of placing vivid impressions in vivid verse.  He is a true and worthy disciple of Wordsworth.  In our own and other columns he has dealt with events of the moment in verse which always displays a wonderful faculty for grasping the inner meaning of these events.  This, too, is Wordsworthian in influence.  Poems at Home and Abroad show Canon Rawnsley in every phase of his art.



Poems of Italy and Abroad

May-time on Monte Subasio (p. 1)

On the Way to Rivo Torto (p. 7)

St. Francis (p. 10)

Sabbath Dawn at Castel di Poggio (p. 11)

Sunrise at Castel di Poggio (p. 13)

The Vindemia at Degli’ Angeli (p. 14)

On Leaving Florence by Starlight (p. 15)

From Orta to Varallo (p. 16)

At the Chapel of the Madonna del Belmone above Taponacchio, Fobello (p. 20)

Ponte Gula (p. 21)

Bilâl the Muedzzin (p. 23)

Poems of the Months

The Seasons: A Song from the Grasmere Play (p. 33)

A February Song (p. 36)

A Spring Song at the Lakes (p. 38)

March—Summer (p. 39)

April Showers (p. 42)

A Rainless April (p. 43)

The First Swallow (p. 44)

Foxgloves at Brandelhow (p. 45)

June Twilight at Eversley (p. 46)

July at the Lakes (p. 48)

Heather on Lonscale (p. 51)

September at the Lakes (p. 53)

The Tropaeolum Speciosum (p. 54)

Skating on Derwentwater (p. 55)

Christmas (p. 56)

The Keswick Old Folks’ Dinner (p. 57)

A Crosthwaite Belfry Song (p. 58)

Poems of the Birds

The Chaffinch’s Nest (p. 61)

’Twixt Sunrise and the Moon (p. 63)

A Thrush in Spring (p. 64)

The Blackbird Dead (p. 65)

Sadness in Song (p. 66)

The Chorus of the Dawn (p. 67)

The Waking of the Birds (p. 69)

The Chiff-Chaff (p. 70)

The Birthday of the Singers (p. 72)

‘Ubi Aves ibi Angeli’ (p. 73)

Fieldfares (p. 74)

Memorial Sonnets

The Village Naturalist: In Memory of William Greenip, 2nd November, 1890 (p. 79)

A Lake Country Guide: H. I. J., 1891 (p. 80)

John Ruskin: At Rest, Brantwood, Sunday, 21st January, 1900 (p. 81)

At Ruskin’s Grave: On His Birthday, 8th February, 1900 (p. 82)

In Memoriam: J. R. A., 20th March, 1907 (p. 83)

Senator Hoar (p. 84)

John Milton (p. 85)

The Gift of the Leigh Woods to Bristol: In Honour of G. W., 30th March (p. 86)

Algernon Charles Swinburne: 10th April, 1909 (p. 87)

Miscellaneous Poems

We meet at Morn, my Dog and I (p. 91)

The Sorrow of the May (p. 93)

The Fiddler’s Funeral (p. 95)

A Westmoreland Song (p. 98)

The Westmoreland Emigrant (p. 100)

Home from Italy (p. 102)

At Dunnabeck (p. 103)

Dawn in Greece and Cumberland—A Contrast (p. 105)

The Stag Impaled (p. 106)

Jupiter and Venus (p. 107)

A Shadow on Scafell: In Memoriam Prof. A. Milne Marshall, of Owens College, Manchester, who died by a fall from the crags above Lod’s Rake on Scafell, 31st December, 1893 (p. 108)

At Buck Castle: The Prehistoric Fort of Refuge at the head of Shoulthwaite Ghyll (p. 109)

In the Wray Garden (p. 111)

The Streamlet at the Wray (p. 112)

The Bewcastle Cross (p. 114) 

The Sycamore at High Close: 17th August, 1908 (p. 118)

A Memory (p. 119)