The index below will direct you to extracts from HDR's published writings.  These extracts have been selected from his many poems, journal articles, letters to newspapers, sermons, lectures and books, etc.  Each Index has been subdivided alphabetical to make searching easier.  Clicking on an entry in the index will take you directly to the extract. 



A Brave Postmistress

A Contrast: Whitby

A Cornish Saint

A Crack about Herdwick Sheep

A Cry from Ireland

A Cumberland War Song

A Day at the Meydoum Pyramid

A Day with Roman and Norse

A Family in Distress

A Farm-Yard Soliloquy

A Launch from the Furness Docks

A Libel

A Monkish Swimmer

A National Benefactor – Sir Robert Hunter

A North Country Flood

A Plea for the Birds

A Plea for the United States of Europe

A Prisoner at Dunnabeck

A Queen’s Gazelle

A Quiet Autumn Day, from the Terrace at Muncaster

A Reminiscence of Wordsworth Day

A Return to the Lakes

A Sad Letter

A Service of Song in Duchess’ Park

A Traffic Board for the Provinces

A Traveller’s Tale

A Voice in the Silence

A wasted life is like a wreck that lies

A Winter Day on Derwentwater

Ad Misericordiam

The Advent of Peace

After the Herrings, Whitby

Afterglow on the Abendberg


Alice Ayres

Alice Buried

Alice Fletcher 

Alpine Anemone-Seed

An Appeal

An Appeal to England for Armenia

An Appeal to Young Cumberland

An Estcourt Hero

An Old-Fashioned Parish Party

April at the Lakes

April Showers

Arctic Splendours at the English Lakes

At Brig-End Sheep-Clipping

At Hughenden

At Kastanienbaum

At Keneh

At Skelton Old Church

At Staithes

At the Church Gate, Oberhofen

At the Grasmere Sports

At the Mettlen Alp

At Wordsworth’s Grave

The Austrian Hymn



Barras Headland and the Old Post-Office, Tintagel

Beautiful Carlisle Society: Address by Canon Rawnsley

Bede Memorial

The Bewcastle Cross


The Bitter Cry of Brer Rabbit

With the Black-Headed Gulls in Cumberland

Blonde Beast

Bonfires – A Retrospect

Bonfires on Peace Night

The Boy Scouts’ Central Fund

Boyhood’s Friends in Lincolnshire

The Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway

Bristol of To-Day

Brothers’ Parting Stone

Brough Hill Fair

By the Esk at Whitby



Cairns at Trevalga Head

Calls of Christian Brotherhood

Canon Rawnsley on Recreation

Canon Rawnsley’s Call to the Men of Cumberland

Canon Rawnsley’s Warning


Catherine Watson

Centenary of Mozart

Chaffinch’s Nest

Charles Tennyson Turner: A Memory of Grasby

Cheddar Gorge

Children and the War Loan

Chorus of the Dawn

Christ and the Coal Strike

Christ in the Realm of Art

Christian Aspects of Manliness

Cinematographs and the Child

Coach Drive at the Lakes. Part I. From Windermere to Rydal Water

Coach Drive at the Lakes. Part II. From Rydal to ThirlmereA Coach Drive at the Lakes. Part III. From Thirlmere to Keswick

Coach Drive at the Lakes. Part III. From Thirlmere to Keswick

Comin’ Yham Fra T’ Front

Consecration Crosses, St. Kentigern’s Church, Crosthwaite

Corn Salvage

Coronation Bonfire on Skiddaw

Corpus Christi Day at Orvieto

Cottage at Kynance Cove

Cottage Window at Sunset

County Councils and Rights of Way

County War Memorial

Co-Education or a Dual School of the Higher Grade for Keswick

Crocus Legions

Crosthwaite Bells

Crusader’s Tomb

Cry of the Poor Consumptive

Cumberland Character



Dancing Dervishes

Dane’s Dyke, Flamborough Head

Danger of Extremes

Daylight on Lago Maggiore

Death Aboard our Transports

December at the Lakes

Dedication of a Memorial in Halton Holgate Church to Former Rectors, Churchwardens, and Parish Clerks on April 24th, 1911

Desecration of Nature

The Desecration of Nature – Leaflet to Schools

Desecration of Nature (Thurstaston)

Dinas Oleu

Duddon Daffodils

Dying Charger



E. P. Seeley

Eagle, at the Zoological Gardens

Early Morn and Eventide, in Leigh Woods


Easter at the Lakes: Colours and Flowers of Spring

Edward Thring

Edward Thring as Teacher

El Fât’ha

Eliza Lynn Linton


Ethic of Bridge-Building

Evening by the Nile