The index below will direct you to extracts from HDR's published writings.  These extracts have been selected from his many poems, journal articles, letters to newspapers, sermons, lectures and books, etc.  Each Index has been subdivided alphabetical to make searching easier.  Clicking on an entry in the index will take you directly to the extract. 


Past and Present in the Keswick Vale

Peace at Last

Pernicious Literature

Pheasant-Eye Narcissus

Pier at Saltburn

Pigeon Shooting at Ambleside

Pilgrimage to La Verna

Plumage Bill

Portrait of Cleopatra

Power of Personal Service

Prayer for Recruits

Prayer of Intercession

Present but Absent

Prisoners: Enforcement of Demands

Proposed Permanent Lake District Defence Society


Queen Adelaide’s Hill


Ram Buksh, the Leper

Real Rigi

Recreation Hut at Fusehill

Reminiscences of Wordsworth

Reverence for Natural Beauty: Part I

Reverence for Natural Beauty: Part II

Revival of the Decorative Arts at Lucerne


Rhyme of the Keswick Old Folks’ Dinner, 1895

Robert Graves, the Village Weaver

Robert Southey

Rock of Names

Rock Ruins at Seascale

Ruskin and the Home Art Industries in the Lake District

Ruskin and Wordsworth

The Ruskin Centenary

Rydal Mount


Safeguarding of the Lake Country

Saltburn Viaduct

Schola Uppinghamiensis

Schwarze Mönch

Sea-Gulls at Saint Bees

Seascale Memories

Secret of Old Age

September at the Lakes


Sheep-Dog Trials at Troutbeck

Sir Richard Owen

Sister Constance

Skating on Derwentwater

Skegness House

Snow Miracle, A Legend of Saint Bees


Somersby and Its Neighbourhood

Sonnet Dedicatory to John Ruskin

Sonnet on Chatterton

Spring Crocuses

St. Kentigern and St. Herbert

St. Kentigern’s Spinners Song

St. Rumon’s Well

Stag Impaled

Staithes Beck

Starved to Death

Stone Circle on Castrigg Fell


Story of Gough and His Dog

Story of the Caedmon Cross

Suggested Meatless Day for “Merrie Carlisle”

Suggested War Memorial Hall

Sunlight or Smoke?

Sunrise at Whitby

Sunrise on Helvellyn


‘T’Auld Fwoks’ Kursmas “Do”. In Memory of Irwin Jenkinson’

T’ Keswick Auld Fwokes’ Do, 1905

T’Ald Fwoks’ Cursmas, 1904

T’Auld Fwoks’ Cursmas “Do”, 1903


Tennyson in the Lake District

Tercentenary of Spanish Armada Bonfire

The East Fen

The End

The Gospel and Suicide

The Perfect Loaf

The Squirrel

The Tank

To a German Hero

To a Thrush, Heard on Clifton Down in a January Mist

To Engelberg

To Lord Tennyson

To M. K. on Her Eighteenth Birthday

To My Mother

To Prussia

To R. L. Nettleship

To the Dear Memory of My Father

To the Football Player: An Appeal

To the Kaiser

To the May Queen of Keswick

To the Officer in Command at Aerschott

To Winston Churchill