The index below will direct you to extracts from HDR's published writings.  These extracts have been selected from his many poems, journal articles, letters to newspapers, sermons, lectures and books, etc.  Each Index has been subdivided alphabetical to make searching easier.  Clicking on an entry in the index will take you directly to the extract. 




Saltburn Viaduct


A Day with Roman and Norse

Cumberland Character

Past and Present in the Keswick Vale

Von Moltke, Helmuth, Field Marshall

Field Marshal von Moltke

Wakefield, Mary

Kendal and a North Country Eisteddfod

Walton, Miss

A Brave Postmistress

War Memorials

County War Memorial

Headstones for War Graves


Suggested War Memorial Hall

War Memorials

War Memorials

Watson, Catherine

Catherine Watson


A wasted life is like a wreck that lies


A Contrast: Whitby

After the Herrings, Whitby

By the Esk at Whitby

Herrings Fine

In the Upper Harbour, Whitby

Story of the Caedmon Cross

Sunrise at Whitby

Whitehead, Henry

Crosthwaite Bells

Wilhelm I

Kaiser at Peace

Wilhelm II

To the Kaiser


Queen Adelaide’s Hill

Safeguarding of the Lake Country


Windermere: The Government Protection of the Lake Country

Winsford Hill

Winsford Hill


A Winter Day on Derwentwater

Wolmer Pond

Wolmer Pond


Great Spotted-Woodpecker at Allan Bank

Wordsworth, John

Brothers’ Parting Stone

Wordsworth, William

A Reminiscence of Wordsworth Day

At Wordsworth’s Grave

Brothers’ Parting Stone

Reminiscences of Wordsworth

Rock of Names

Ruskin and Wordsworth

Rydal Mount

Wordsworth’s Tomb

World War I (1914-1915)

A Cumberland War Song

A Prisoner at Dunnabeck

An Appeal to Young Cumberland

At Wordsworth’s Grave

Austrian Hymn

Canon Rawnsley’s Call to the Men of Cumberland

Canon Rawnsley’s Warning

Children and the War Loan

Danger of Extremes

German Raid

Hope for the Dawn

Importance of Education

India’s Gift

Keswick School: Foundation of a Scholarship: Generous Offer by Canon and Mrs Rawnsley

Mud in Flanders

Nineteen Fifteen

Prayer for Recruits

Prayer of Intercession


To a German Hero

To Prussia

To the Football Player: An Appeal

To the Kaiser

To the Officer in Command at Aerschott

To the Strikers

War and Some of Its Lessons

Workington College: Annual Speech Day

World War I (1916-1918)

Advent of Peace

Blonde Beast

Comin’ Yham Fra T’ Front

Corn Salvage

Easter at the Lakes: Colours and Flowers of Spring

Oor Lad Wha Nobbut Cooms I’ Dreams

Peace at Last

The Prisoners: Enforcement of Demands

Recreation Hut at Fusehill


Suggested Meatless Day for “Merrie Carlisle”

War and Education

War Memorials

War-Worn Horses’ Appeal

Why Not Boon Ploughings?

World War I (Aftermath)

A Voice in the Silence

An Appeal

Bonfires on Peace Night

Boy Scouts’ Central Fund

County War Memorial

Headstones for War Graves

In Vienna

League of Nations

Oor Jack he cam’ fra ower t’ sea

Suggested War Memorial Hall

The Tank

War Memorials

Wine Tax


Wrestling in the North Countree




Going to Zermatt