[Although a few of the poems were written in the late 1860s and the 1880s, most are dated during the 1870s when Hardwicke was at University in Oxford, followed by a short stint as a social worker in London, then two years as a curate in Bristol. To view the full text of a poem, click on its title below.]

The White Swan of Well

A Harvest Festival

To a Robin

“Sister Constance”

In Memoriam: Lady Franklin

Magdalen Meadows

The Rooks in Magdalen Walk

The Sabbath

Herring Fishing

The Drought

Sonnet on Chatterton


Early Autumn

Napoleon III

Loss of ‘The Captain’

Passionate Grief

To a Snail

To a Snail: Continued No. II

In Memoriam: E.M.R. and D.A. 14 Jan. 1872

‘A wasted life is like a wreck that lies’

The Invitation to the Wedding

Buried on New Year’s Day 1876/At Plumtree/F.E.B.

Lady Augusta Stanley


To a Robin

To the West Wind

Christmas Day at Halton 1874

In Memoriam: On Seeing the Monument to Sir John Franklin on the Morning of Lady Franklin’s Funeral

A Valentine to the Lady Alice

A Valentine to Sir Herbert



A Wedding Sonnet

The Bride

The Stars on the Wedding Night

A Grandmother’s Dream

St. Mary’s Church

The Czar

Clouds at Night Moving to the Sea


Noel’s First Birthday

Dean Stanley: His Work

Christmas With Him

Christmas Without Him

Alas for the Yews of Borrowdale

A Farewell to Thomas Fawcett of Wray on His Leaving for South Africa


To My Father

In Memoriam: Sophy Elmhurst

In Memory of Prof. Lushington